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Special Shapes - ph Riccardo Vincenzi

The Special Shapes, as the name suggest, are balloons of particoular form and patterns. Instead of the classic "lightbulb" shape this balloons take form from natural or atificial figures (animals, fruit, cartoon's characters or famous landmarkes). Every year the Festival host many special shapes coming to Ferrara from all over the world. 




 Origin: Germany

Built in 1994 by Areostar International, in South  Dakota, this incredible reproduction of the Noahs's Ark is one of the most impressive balloon ever hosted by the Festival: 6.800 m³ of volume, 33 meters long, 16 large and 26 of height.


Origin: Switzerland

Built in 2.000, Kuh (cow, in German), once inflated reaches a volume of 4.000 m³.


Origin: Belgium 

Built in 2013, this funny shaped balloon, represent the cartoon character Arsène, designed by Belgian artist Marec 15 years ago.

From several years has become the testimonial of WEBA, well-known company, and is piloted by Luc De Wulf and his son Stijn, who have started they piloting adventure more than ten years ago.



Origin: Germany

 The world's most known locomotive, made famous by Agatha Christie, has a volume of 3.680 m³ and is long  34 meters.

Piloted by the expert Thomas, who has flown in more than 20 nations, and for more tha 2.500 hours total.


 orient express




Origin: Germany, Belgium and Switzerland

These very particular balloons are the scaled-down model of Special Shapes.

They work as their "bigger sisters" but tha compact size and the special command system allow them to be operated from the ground and to hover over the area and create a colourful show for the public.


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